Safety Inspections
Tech, as we tend to call it, is really a safety inspection to the rules as noted below. Car classification issues are not the function of tech. Vehicle classification is the responsibility of the competitors. A copy of the rule book and some supplemental listings are available at the event to assist in determining vehicle classification.
The following items are required checks per the 2006 Solo II rules. A paraphrased summary is contained below for information. The binding language is contained in the rule book, which is the governing source. The actual text can be found beginning on Page 26 of the SCCA National Solo 2006 Rules.  

3.3.3 B1 Loose items
All loose items , inside and outside the car, must be removed. Passengers seat back and squab shall be secured.

3.3.3 B2 Hubcaps, etc.
Snap-on hubcaps , detachable fender skirts, and trim rings must be removed.

3.3.3 B3 Wheel attachment
Wheels must be safely affixed. They shall not be reversed so that the lughole taper does not mate with the chamfer of the lugs. All studs and lug nuts must be present and functional.

3.3.3 B4 Tires
Tires must be in good condition, with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewall. Tires must have measurable tread depth.

3.3.3 B5 Seat Belts
Seat belts are required. Seat belts must be properly installed with attaching hardware secure and tight

3.3.3 B6 Throttle return
Throttle return action shall be safe and positive.

3.3.3 B7 Leaks
No excessive fuel, oil, water or brake fluid leaks should be observed when the engine is running.

3.3.3 B8 Spinners
Steering "spinner" knobs shall not be permitted.

3.3.3 B9 Wheels
No cracks are permitted in disc or cast wheels. No broken or missing spokes or more than one loose spoke per wheel shall be permitted in wire wheels.

3.3.3 B10 Brakes
Brakes must have an adequate pedal , sufficient fluid in the master cylinder, and no apparent hydraulic leaks under pressure.  The braking system shall be a dual system, arranged in a manner to provide braking for at least two wheels in the event of failure in part of the system. In the case of OE single systems, this requirement may be satisfied by a functional, redundant emergency brake.

3.3.3 B11 Swing Axle cars
All swing axle cars , except Porsche, must have a camber compensator or negative camber on the rear wheels.

3.3.3 B12 Suspension
Wheel bearings, shocks, steering, and suspension shall be in good operating condition.

3.3.3 B13 Exhaust
Exhaust must exit behind driver or to the side of the car.

3.3.3 B14 Starters
On-board starters shall be provided.

3.3.3 B15 Battery
Any wet cell battery moved from the manufacturers original location shall be in a non-conductive marine-type container or equivalent, and the hot terminal shall be insulated.
All batteries (on-board power supplies) shall be attached securely to the frame or chassis structure independent of the marine-type container.

3.3.3 B16 Roll Bars
Roll bars, if installed, must meet the applicable portions of Section 3.3.2 and Appendix C, with specific attention to roll bar height.

3.3.3 B17 Helmets
Helmets for all occupants of the vehicle are to be inspected for condition, fit, and compliance with Driver's Safety Equipment - Helmets (4.3.1).

3.3.3 B18 Flex Fans
Flex fans are not allowed

3.3.4 Vehicle Operating Condition
Any vehicle that is judged by the Event Chairman to be in an unsafe operating condition at any time during the event shall be barred from further competition until the deficiency is corrected to the satisfaction of the Chief Technical Inspector.

4.3.1 Helmets
Helmets meeting the following standards must be worn while on course: All helmets meeting the current or two immediately preceding Snell Foundation standards (SA, K, or M), or SFI standards 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, or 41.2A are acceptable. For maximum protection, helmets must fit securely and should provide adequate peripheral vision. The chin strap must be securely fastened. Loaner helmets should be available to vehicle occupants not having their own.



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