Beginner's Guide

There are only three things you need to start racing with us; a car to race, your driver's license, and some cash to cover the entrance fee ($40 for non-members, $25 if you become a member).  Racing is all done against the clock, and the course layout is designed with safety in mind, so don't let worries about crashing your car hold you back.  All participants are expected to stay all day and work the course when they are not running. Races will run rain or shine. The following is a general overview of what goes on during a typical event:

Registration begins at 8:00am and closes at 9:00am, please be on time.  Registrations MAY be accepted between 9:00 and 9:30, but an extra $5 late fee will be charged.
1. Present your driver's license and pay the entrance fee
2. Sign the waiver form and put on the provided waiver wristband
3. Determine your car's class (a rulebook is provided for you to check, if you need help ask!)
4. Select a unique car number
5. Fill out your registration card and take it to your car for tech inspection

Tech Inspection
Tech inspections begin at 9:15am
Preparing for tech inspection:
1. Open your hood and trunk
2. Remove all loose items from your car (including floor mats)
3. Roll down all windows that retract *fully*
4. If you have a helmet, place it on the seat
5. Make your car class/number clearly visible on your car (shoe polish is available to write on your windows with)
6. Secure your registration card to your windshield or dashboard
7. For more details on what is required to pass safety inspection, see this guide.
The tech inspector will take your registration card once inspected

Walk the Course
It is recommended that you walk the course layout to get acquainted with it.  Course maps are usually available.  During most events, one of the veterans will take whoever wants on a course walk, giving tips on the layout.

Driver's Meeting
There will be a mandatory driver's meeting to discuss safety, run groups, and work assignments.
Make note of the run group you are in; usually there are 2-3 run groups.

Run and Work
If it is your turn to run, have your car in line and ready
If you need a loaner helmet, only get it when at the front of the line
Make your run and then *slow down* when finished
Return your loaner helmet
If you have more runs to make, get back in line
If it is your turn to work, carefully get to your assigned work position
Anyone who is inexperienced will be assigned to work with someone with experience

Help clean up the course equipment
Pack your car back up and clean your area

Awards Ceremony
There is an optional awards ceremony at the end of every event, after the course is cleaned up. This will be at approximately 4:00 pm.


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