AutoX Event 1 June  

The First Event of the year "Chemung Speedrome Number One" is being held at Chemung Speedrome in Chemung NY.

Chemung Speedrome is a sponsor of the event so the entry fees are reduced, $25 for SCCA members and $45 for non-members.

Please use MotorsportsReg to sign up for the event.  This event is for cars only, sorry no karts.

As an event sponsor, please see the link for Chemung Speedrome race schedule.

Directions and course map link is here.

Assistant RE: John

2024 Starting Over  

SNYR and Glen Region has secured the Chemung raceway for AutoX events. The first event will be Saturday 1 June 2024.

We are still working on getting in the Shangri-La track in Owego. Please see the anticipated schedule to the left.

Assistant RE: John

AutoX events 15th Oct  

SNYR is still negotiating with SUNY BU for an event this year, but no agreement yet. Latest is maybe Nov.

But in lue of an event at BU, there are two other events near by. First is one hosted by Glen region at WGI media lot, and Second is a non-SCCA auto cross held at PineView Run Country Club in Tully NY.

The link for Glen region is above in the links section and for PineView Run it is PineView Autocross

The PineView Run event will be fast and very limited cones. Last year a SNYR member won a gift certificate towards a year membership, plus no working to shag cones. The event is only 3 hours long, so you have time to try out the full track after the autocross (extra fee and training class required).

Assistant RE: John

Phoenix Rising  


Event Cancelled

Due to things out of our regions control, this event has been cancelled. Sorry for the last minute notice. Please check other AutoX events in surrounding regions.

We will continue to work with BU to have an event in October.

Assistant RE: John

Still Good weather for Auto Cross  

Check out other events in the area.

PineView Run Country Club is holding an autocross on the 15th Oct. They will use their 1 mile road course, with a 5 cone slalom on one straight, a double lane change on another, and two gates. Plus the best advantage, you don't have to work. Just show up and drive, chat with others and watch other drivers. A little more expensive, but should be worth it. Food will be available to purchase on site. Link to sign up: PineView Autocross

On the 16th of Oct, the Glen region is hosting an event at Watkins Glen raceway. Check their link for details.

Assistant RE: John

Bad News, 18 Sep Event Cancelled  

SNYR has cancelled the 18th Sep event.

Please attend one of the three events within 2 hrs instead.

Stay tuned for a region meeting coming soon.

Assistant RE: John

Come One, Come All for the Last Event of the Fall  

SNYR will host one more event at BGM this 18th Sep. I anticipate a small number of drivers (due to NEPA, Finger Lakes, and Glenn having events on the same day), so those that show up will get many runs to reach perfection. The course will be flowing, and we might have two seperate courses, one for the morning and one for the afternoon.

We are thinking about having a region meeting as well. We need to start involving others to take over from Michelle and myself. It is time to pass the touch to the next leaders. Watch website for time and place for the meeting.

See you at BGM on the 18th or sooner at a region meeting.

Assistant RE: John

Great 2 Day Event  

We had a fantastic two day event last weekend. The weather was perfect and the racing was safe.

A special thanks to Curtis and Darryl for performing walk up Safety Steward duties. It helped us out a lot.

Day one started out bad for the Monster Miata as the tranny broke on the first run. Micheal and Gary scrambled and bribed Michelle enough to let them drive her car. Greg W proved too fast and took PAX for the first day. Pat B is learning his car with street tires (versus slicks in SSM) and is rocketing up the PAX standings by claiming 2nd in PAX. First year Sabri broke into the top ten of PAX. Brian and Mark fought hard with only 0.06 seconds between them in ES. John M in the loud EVO barely beat John C in the silent Volt (who says the car must be loud to be fast?).

Day two had close racing, with husband and wife of Frank and Caitlin trying to best each other at their first event. Gary and Micheal drove Micheal's FR86 (read BRZ) instead of Michelle's Miata and got 2nd and 3rd in streat class (behind PAX winner of Greg with his Veloster). Philip returned from years away in his Mini and claimed 4th in street. Jeff showed the field what a Honda Civic Type R can do in DSP by winning FTD for the day.

Assistant RE: John

Two Day Event Confirmed  

Get the cars ready again, as our August 2 day event is confirmed. We will hold a solo event on the 13th and 14th. With additional awards available for participants who run both days. The events will be at BGM airport.

Please use motorsportsreg for sign up. Both events should be available for registration by 6 August. Remember to sign up for both events if you plan on running both days.

The additional incentive to run both days is special awards for those who do. Your best times from each day will be summed to determine 2 day standings. Planned 2 day awards include Street, Modified, CAM, Touring trophies for 1st year particpents. Other levels of experience may be broken out as well. Overall PAX, FTD, and class winners will be honored.

Assistant RE: John

Dry Second Event  

Our second event "Solo driving the getaway car" went off with out a hitch. 28 drivers took to the all right hand turn course. The FTD competition between the BM car and the monster Miata went on all day, with Mike D pulling it out with a clean run 0.177 seconds quicker than John Z.

The competition for PAX was tight with Mark M besting Roderick Y by 0.244 seconds. This was Mark's first PAX win, so a special congratulations to him.

In the Street touring class the 2nd place PAX driver of Roderick Y won by 2 plus seconds over the rest.

Modified Prep class was won by Mike D over Jeffery W by 0.257 seconds. Followed by Mike's dad in the monster miata. Elise M improved from the first event by only hitting 1 cone all day.

The street class had a first timer (Sabri S) finish 4th in class and 9th overall in PAX. That is a great accomplishment for his first event. I look forward to seeing him in future events. Mark M won the class and PAX in his MR2.

CAM had 2 corvettes duking it out with Pat B beating Dave R who drove the nice 2011 Stingray.

Paul B retired his mustang for a Miata and had a fun day in STS. We are glad you found a car to continue autocrossing.

Results are posted on the link to the left "Season Standings"

Our next event is planned for 13-14 August. We are hoping for a 2 day event (two seperate events with special awards for those that compete in both days). Keep checking this website for details as this event firms up.

Please check other region schedules in the links above (most weekends have an AutoX event within 3 hrs of Binghamton, i.e., 12 June at Corning Community College with the Glen region).

Assistant RE: John

Great First Event  

Our First event "I'm Feeling '22" was completed before the storms arrived (barely). A thank you to all who helped tear down and load the trailer in record time. I would also like to thank the Glen region for letting us borrow loaner helmets while we wait for our new ones to arrive.

The compitition for PAX was tight with Peter pulling out his best run on his last attempt, beating Roderick in a shared car with Greg. Mark M from CNY completed the podium for PAX.

In the Street touring class Bryan in the CRZ bested Vincent in the 4 cyl BMW by only 0.6 seconds.

Modified Prep class was won by Mike D over his Dad, but only after he finally got his right foot under control in the last run (he was in contention for cone killing king). John M finished third in the EVO. Talking about cone killing leader, this time it was Elise M in the "Fear this EVO", she must have thought the idea was to kill cones as she racked up a total of 17 total for the day. Her fastest time included a one cone penalty, which prevented her from beating her older brother Tim.

Results are posted on the link to the left "Season Standings"

Our next event is on the 5th of June, please use MotorSportReg for sign up.

Please check other region schedules in the links above (most weekends have an AutoX event within 3 hrs of Binghamton, i.e., 22 May CNY in Fulton).

Assistant RE: John

The 2022 Season kicks off  

Check out Glen region, they are having AutoX event at Arnot Mall Saturday 14th May.

Check your helmet, 2005's are no longer allowed, must be 2010 or newer.

Assistant RE: John

The 2022 Season kicks off  

Our 2022 season is coming together. I hope you all enjoyed the winter resting up for this years Auto X season. We have two events confirmed: 15 May 22, at BGM and 5 Jun 22 at BGM.

Please use Motorsports Reg to sign up for these events. With more people using Motorsports Reg, our sign in process will become quicker.

We are trying Live online timing this year, so you can see yours and other peoples times in close to real time.

We are working more season dates, with a possible two day event in August.

Please check other region schedules in the links above (most weekends have an AutoX event within 3 hrs of Binghamton).

Assistant RE: John

Results from "Final Approach"  

A Big Thank You to all the people who stuck around in the rain on Saturday. Despite being wet head to toe when I got home, I still enjoyed the day.

We had some good competition in the rain. Daryl L was just one cone away from getting PAX (in his Wife's car).

Curtis S was only 0.005 seconds from second in PAX (behind both Mini's). The three top PAX cars were all 2 wheel drive, street tired cars. Really good driving in the wet by all three.

We had two old 1966 rivals in attendance, a Corvette and a GT40. Unfortunatly, the wet conditions did not allow a true fight between the two. Hopefully next year.

We will work on the year end party, and keep you posted via this web site and Facebook.

Assistant RE: John

SATURDAY! @ BGM is the "Final Approach"  

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! It's the "Final Approach" autocross! October 16th

Please register through MotorSportsReg

Equipment setup starts at 0700, any and all help is appreciated.

Registration on site is from 0800 to 0900, but motorsports reg is preferred.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

This Sunday at BGM a chance to "Earn Your Wings"  

We will be at BGM this Sunday, 26 Sep. Event name is "Earn Your Wings"

Please registar through MotorSportsReg again.

Check in Starts at 0800, Tech inspections until 0915. Mandatory Driver's meeting 0920 First car out at 1000. Equipment setup starts at 0700, any and all help is appreciated.

Assistant RE John

Results from Calculated Landing Time  

A Very Fun second event at Binghamton Airport

Twenty four drivers took the track for our second landing at BGM. The Course was once again laid out by Peter and Rob (so you know is was fast).

Returning Mike D battled it out with his dad Gary for FTD, with Corvette driver Richard not too far behind. Both Rob and Peter faught each other in Peter's Accord for PAX honors. Rookie Brennan L dropped 3 seconds in his last run of the day, can't wait to see his perfomance at the next event. Roderick Y ran the afternoon in Matt L's BMW due to Roderick's suffering a supension injurer (thanks Matt for letting him drive your car). Collin W in the Honda Civic got better on nearly every run.

See results in Season Standings link on the left.

Potentially a Next event on the 26 Sep, Revisit this site for confirmed events.

Assistant RE John

Results from Calculated Landing Time  

A Very Fun second event at Binghamton Airport

Twenty four drivers took the track for our second landing at BGM. The Course was once again laid out by Peter and Rob (so you know is was fast).

Returning Mike D battled it out with his dad Gary for FTD, with Corvette driver Richard not too far behind. Both Rob and Peter faught each other in Peter's Accord for PAX honors. Rookie Brennan L dropped 3 seconds in his last run of the day, can't wait to see his perfomance at the next event. Roderick Y ran the afternoon and Matt L BMW due to Roderick's suffering a supension injurer (thanks Matt). Collin W in the Honda Civic got better on nearly every run.

See results in Season Standings link on the left.

Potentially a Next event on the 26 Oct, Revisit this site for confirmed events.

Assistant RE John

Results from Prepare For Takeoff  

A Good first event at the Binghamton Airport

We had 38 drivers testing there skill on a short national level course. A big thank you to Peter Ling and Rob P for course setup (both of them have run at SCCA AutoCross Nationals).

Many tight results this event, our RE Michelle beating out her dad in her brothers car (Sorry Mike your sister might be taking over your position as fastest in family). A thank you for the members from surrounding regions making the trip to our event, we hope to see you again. See results in Season Standings link on the left.

Next event on the 22nd, same spot. Assistant RE John

MotorsportsReg for August 8th Event

We are preregistering in Motorsportsreg for our August 8th Autocross event. Please click the link & read the instructions.

It takes ~5 minutes to sign up. This will help to speed things up and make the administrative process much less painful. Please fill out the solo tech sheet prior to the event as well.

We will still be doing on site registration, but we are hoping to rely on ONLY motorsportsreg in the future.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Check the facebook page for more info or to send a quick question:

Prepare For Takeoff

Hello All,


A BIG shout out, and THANK YOU, to Broome County executive, Jason Garner, and Broome County Commissioner of Aviation, Mark Heefner for procuring a new venue to run our next Solo Autocross event!

Our next scheduled event will take place at The Greater Binghamton Airport, 2534 Airport Rd., Johnson City, NY on Sunday August 8, 2021 at 8-5pm.

The event, on August 8th, will run in the long term parking lot in front of the main terminal. (It’s a nice big lot with solid pavement!)

Can't wait to see you there!

Latest News, and it is not Good

Hello All,

I’m sorry to be coming to you with some bad news. I received a message from SUNY Broome regarding our event.

“Unfortunately, I was informed that we had a noise complaint from Sunday's event (13 June) from a resident in the neighborhood nearby. This got brought to Executive Council and I am told that we can not host the future Sports Car Club of America events.“

While I hope that door may open again in the future, we will not be able to hold the remainder of our events there. We have also ruled out Binghamton University and the Oakdale Mall for 2021.

If you were scouting new locations… please continue to do so. Thank you for your continued support and interest keeping our region alive and active.

Here’s to hoping for better things to come!

Your RE, Michelle

Results from Lucky 13 Kickoff Event of 2021  

We had a great day for our first event this year. A new large lot (SUNY Broome). The course was smooth, and quick. Every car got 11 timed runs. Cody C pulled out the FTD and PAX for the day in his BRZ. Pat B was not far behind and missing FTD by 0.124 seconds. Mike and Gary D nursed a 3 cylinder Miata all day, but still did very well with an injured car. We had two Dodge Chargers duking it out, with James and Glenn just beating Daryl. We had several first timers who all said they enjoyed the event. See the links (Season Standings) for your times and positions. Next event planned for 11 July at the same lot. Watch this site for more info.

John, Assistant RE

SNYR SCCA Lucky 13 Kickoff Event of 2021  

********New Venue!!!***********

SUNY Broome Community College, Lot #1

June 13, 2021 Registration opens 8-9:00 am

Awards presentation following lot clean up

907 Upper Front St

Binghamton, NY 13902

For urgent questions, or if you’d like to help set up, Please email:

Reminder, we do not take credit! Entry fee is DISCOUNTED FOR THIS EVENT!

$20 for SCCA members and $30 for non-SCCA members.

The extra $10 pays for a weekend membership which you can recover if you join the SCCA!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

4/5/21 Meeting Minutes 04 May 2021  

SNYR meeting held at The Maine Scoop Ice Cream shop:

It was announced that all our 2021 autocross events at the Binghamton University

site have been canceled due to Binghamton University’s new policy;

They are not allowing any off campus events this summer due to Covid.

RE Michelle DiGiacomo has reached out to SUNY Broome Community College

to purpose running our events at their campus.

A written proposal was submitted, and will be voted on by the SUNY Broome board this week.

The representative was optimistic about our proposal, so our fingers are crossed.

Stay tuned here for updates as soon as they become available.

(And the ice cream was delicious, and the rain held off!)

Thank you to those who attended, it was great seeing everyone again.


Cruise to the Main Scoop! 21 March 2021  

Calling all Jedi Pilots:

In preparation for the upcoming Cone Wars (the 2021 Autocross Season) join us at the Vestal Library at 6:45PM on Tuesday, May the 4th for a club cruise to The Maine Scoop. We will be discussing battle plans and getting ice cream.

Also- feel free to bring your Wookie co-pilots (There's a new dog park!)

Cruise Day Itinerary:

We will meet at the Vestal Library Parking Lot at 6:45PM and leave promptly by 7PM to The Maine Scoop at 2666 State Rt 26 Maine, NY 13802 for ice cream and discussing the 2021 season. Please pass the invitation along to anyone you think might be interested in our club!


Things Delayed due to COVID-19 30 March 2020  

The awards banquet has been postponed. We will reschedule when we can.

The event schedule is still being finalized, but we don't know how soon will be able to hold events again.

Please read the National SCCA Update on COVID-19 impacts.  This letter is reachable on  the Glen region site, accessable on our link page above.

Assistant RE: John

Hot off the Press 27 Febuary 2020  

The awards banquet has been scheduled to honor the 2018 and 2019 class winners. We also have a tentative schedule for BU events.

Awards Banquet 17 April, at Belva Lockwood Inn, Owego NY. 6-7 pm cash bar, 7-8 dinner, 8-9 awards, 9-? region discussions. A $10 contribution per person is requested.

2020 tenative schedule, at SUNY BU, Sat 23 May, Sun 14 Jun, Sat-Sun 18-19 Jul, Sat 8 Aug

2018 class winners: Caleb I, Mark M, John S, Rob P, Cody W, John M, and Mike D.

2019 class winners: Curtis S, Brain B, John S, Roderick Y, Joe K, Mike D, Shaun A, Glenn W, and Brian W

Other awards will be handed out, you might be one of them, so don't miss the party.'

Assistant RE: John

Welcome to 2020 10 January 2020  

I hope you all had a great holiday break. I finally finished compiling the results for 2019. Please see the link on the left.

Our next event will be an awards dinner for both 2018 and 2019. Time and place still being worked.

The best news though, is Binghamton SUNY lot M has been repaved.

Keep checking back here for 2020 schedule and awards date.

Assistant RE: John

Next Event & Mall update 12 Sept 2019  

Hello Racers, our mall event is postponed. We will be trying to get a date in october.

This means our next event is with the FLR SCCA at the Seneca Army Depot.

You can pre register here:

  Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

4th SUNY Event 18 Aug 2019  

The fourth scheduled event (really our third due to an event cancellation) at SUNY was completed. Results are posted in the Season Standings link.

PAX was a close race between Tavis in his Focus, Roderick in the BMW and Brian in the MX-5 Brian was only 0.045 Seconds behind Roderick, which was 0.28 sec out of First (Travis)

Mike in the monster Miata retains his FTD title again this event, with his closest competitor being his Dad, which was 0.350 seconds behind.

We saw a few drivers return for this event, Daryl and Steve, with Daryl driving his Wife's car instead of his new Charger.

We are still working the September event scheduled at the Mall, but things do not look good at this time. Please watch the website and facebook page for updates.

Assistant RE: John

2nd SUNY Event 1 July 2019  

The second SUNY event saw Peter L, Roderick Y, and Brian B battle for top PAX position, with Roderick winning by 0.027 seconds quicker than Peter, and 0.335 faster than Brian

Mike D continued his FTD winnings by beating his closest competitor (his Dad) by 0.817

We welcome all the new drivers and hope you continue to join us at future events

As for my condition, I suffered a lawn mowing accident, which resulted in surgical tendon repair in my left knee. I am not allowed to bend my left leg for the next 4 weeks

Please keep an eye on this website as we try to find a location for a July event

Assistant RE: John

First Hosted Event completed 22 June 2019  

Our first hosted event was held on 9 June. Great weather, and better racing.

We had to move one gate during the second session due to parking lot ripping up. Originally we planned on counting each session seperately, but after reviewing all the times we made a decision to treat second session in with the first

Updated results are in the season standings link on the left.

Gary D with only 2 runs still made top 3 in FTD, He must be talented. Either he or his Son (Mike) kept blowing off intercooler pipe, just stop pushing the gas pedal so hard.

Roderick walked away in the street class, clearing the field by over a second.

Thank You for all the people that helped setup and tear down at the end of day. With out your help these events would not happen.

Next event is 30 June at same location

Assistant RE: John

SUNY Events Confirmed, First One this Sunday 2 June 2019  

The events scheduled for SUNY Binghamton are now solid.

First Event is this coming Sunday, 9th June.

Registration opens at 0800 (8am) and closes at 0915 (9:15 am). Entry fee $35 for SCCA members and $45 for non-SCCA members. The extra $10 pays for a weekend membership which you can recover if you join the SCCA.

Tech inspection starts at 0830 and runs through 0930. Drivers meeting at 0945, First car out at 1015. We should finish up by 1630 (4:30pm). We run rain or shine.

Look forward to seeing you there.

We can always use helping hands for setup, say around 7:30 at the lot.

Assistant RE: John

2019 Schedule firming up 14 May 2019  

The 2019 SNYR schedule is getting closer to being set. As of today we plan on hosting 5 events and having 3 Out of Region points earning opportunities.

The schedule (which might change, keep checking this website) is as follows:

May, 26th OOR with Glen region, Arnot mall. Check Glen region Link

June, 9th SUNY Binghamton, Lot 4

June, 30th SUNY Binghamton, Lot 4

July, 7th Binghamton Mall in Johnson City (new venue)

August, 4th SUNY Binghamton Lot 4

September, 22nd Binghamton Mall in Johnson City

September, 29th OOR with Finger Lakes Region at Seneca Army Depot, Check FLR link

October, 20th OOR with Glen region at WGI

As this schedule firms up I will provide updates and have it posted on the left under 2019 Full schedule.

We do have the results from 2018 season, I am looking for ideas on how to honor the winners, either by a seperate dinner/awards event or possibly a region meeting before/during this season

Feel free to e-mail John at

Assistant RE: John

2018 Season Results Posted, Banquet Soon 14 February 2019  

The 2018 year end season review banquet is fast approaching. We are working on the date, and will post as soon as one is set. You can review the results online.

The 2019 Schedule is being worked, and we hope to have it set by the Banquet.

Assistant RE: John

End Of 2018 Season  

Thanks everyone for a great 2018 season. We look forward to 2019. Keep an eye out for our end of year banquet.



REMINDER: the street survival class is this Sunday 9/16. Instructors and workers should also attend on Saturday 9/15. Please join and share the event on Facebook and don't be shy to email or Facebook Message any questions.


Ithaca Results Posted 30 July, 2018  

We had a great day at "The Shops". Close races across the board. Mike D sqeeked out FTD on his last run, the top 4 finishers were within 0.219 seconds of each other.

Peter L captured PAX in his Fiesta, and got to drive the most cars that day. Glenn W showed us all how to win, by being first in the Modified/Prep super group.

Look out for new comer Caleb I in his Audi A4, breaking into top 10 of  PAX in his first season, now you just need to teach your Dad how to drive :)

We look forward to seeing you all at the 12 August event at SUNY

Assistant RE: John


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