Meeting results   Feb 2, 2016  


A quick note to say thank you to those who came out to our meeting Saturday night.  We have the best members.  We got a lot done and I'm really looking forward to the changes we're going to implement for 2016.  Hopefully we will streamline our day to allow for more runs.

Our awards party will be Saturday March 5th at DeGennaro's in Endicott.  We'll have Joey's custom pizzas, wings, salad and pasta, plus dessert.  The awards will be handed out and a few door prizes given out.  I'll be sending an email invite to those who won.  Please try and attend or make arrangements for someone to pick-up your award so we don't have to mail it.  Prices have gone up so we will be taking $5.00 to $10.00 dontaions toward your dinner.  This is optional so if you cannot donate that is ok.   


Year end party info and Daytona  Jan 25, 2016  

First;   The year end results are up.  Remember, you needed to attend 4 events total with at least 2 of those events being in region events.  There were 13 class winners who will be recognized MARCH 5th at DeGennaroís in Endicott.  Same location as last year.  We will be gathering at 6:30 with dinner at 7:00.  Pizza, wings, ziti and salad.  Non-alcoholic drinks are on the club, alcoholic drinks are on you.  All class winners will receive their awards and we will have a chance to enjoy a night of bench racing.  To all of you, this night is for anyone who ran an event with us.  You do not need to be a member of our region to win a class or attend the party.  

Second;   As many of you know, this weekend is the 24hours of Daytona.  Starting at 3:00 the Rolex/Tudor Series will be running twice around the clock at Daytona.  This is a holiday weekend for me (yes Iím a little nuts).  With that, if anyone is available to come to my house Saturday we will have a 2016 season organizational meeting.   This is a chance for those who want to move toward a position in the region to meet and learn some of the paperwork and duties involved.  I know this is short notice but hopefully you will be able to make it.  The region will pick up the munchies.  Iím thinking around 6:00pm.  

If you can make it please let me know ASAP as we need enough to make it worth the time.  Hopefully we can get organized and our event requests completed and sent to the SCCA for certification.  I would also like to take a look at updating our by-laws.  Iím in between Owego and Newark Valley.  If you are interested please e-mail me or instant message me on face book (Iíll create an event) and I will send you my address.  Hope to see you Saturday or the 5th. 


Final in-region event Sept 21, 2015  


This Sunday will be our final in region event.  We will be at the Shops of Ithaca on Catherwood Road in Ithaca.  We will be located behind Target.  To access the lot you will have to go to the left side of the mall (around Dicks Sporting Goods) and along the back road.  If you are trailering your vehicle we ask that you drop your car off and leave the trailer and tow vehicle in the former Sears lot.  We will be on-site by 07:45 if you would like to help set-up.  Registration closes at 09:00.  This is our last event and the weather looks great so donít be late.  

See you Sunday.   


2-day Event this weekend Aug 4, 2015  

Itís almost time!  This weekend is the 2-day Dash at SUNY Binghamton.  The Southern Tier Corvette Club kicks off the weekend Saturday morning.  This is a SNYR points race and because it is a 'vette club event you will not have to work.  Sunday we will be back at it again with the Precision Touch Detailing Day 2 Dash.  Besides this being another SNYR points event  it will also complete the second day for the weekend awards.  Each class winner with the lowest time will be awarded a trophy.  There will also be a trophy for the two day FTD winner. 

Precision Touch will be awarding one lucky entrant a detailing.  On Sunday Mike McNeal from Matthews will also be there with a new MX-5.  As usual, registration closes at 09:00.  Those wishing to leave a car or trailer in the lot may do so.  I will provide emergency contact information to Campus Law Enforcement.   See you this weekend.


Cherry Valley this weekend July 15, 2015  

This Sunday!  No SOLO scheduled?  Drive North to Cherry Valley and join the Southern Tier Corvette Club for their annual event at Cherry Valley park.  Here is the flyer with all of the details.  Registration opens at 08:30 and closes at 09:30.  I will not be there this year but can tell you from prior events that it is a great day.  The track is small but amazingly fast.  There are two or three cones on the whole course so that helps with the penalty's.  If you havenít been to this event make an effort to get there.  You won't regret it! 

Two Day SOLO!  Saturday August 8th is the Southern Tier Corvette Club event at SUNY Binghamton with our event being on Sunday the 9th.  Sunday's event is being sponsored by Precision Touch Detailing.  Abby will be on hand taking pictures and answering any questions about detailing.  We will have two day awards for class winners as well as overall two day FTD.  This always come down to a few tenths difference for the title.  More details coming.


Event #2 tomorrow!

June 6, 2015  

It's time for Event #2!.  Sunday's the day and we'll be at SUNY Binghamton Lot "M."  Registration closes at 09:00 so don't be late. All of the usual rules and regulations apply.  We're always looking for help so if you want to learn how to set up timing, learn registration, or tech cars just be there at 07:30am  and we'll be glad to show you. 

 See you then!

First Event this Sunday

May 27, 2015  

Hi everyone;

A special Thank You to all who made Sundays event a great one.  There were 40 entries with several being first timers.  In the end John M. and his EVO took FTD by a sizeable margin.  Rob P. continued his PAX ways in taking those honors.  Results and PAX are up on our Results page.  Cheryl will also copy them to the FaceBook Page. 

Just a reminder that our next event is in two weeks back at SUNY.   Also make your plans now for the June 6hr IMSA race weekend.  We can all go up as a group if interested.


First Event this Sunday

May 19, 2015  

Green Flag this weekend!.  Yep, SUNY graduation is over and we can hold our first event.  This Sunday (5/24), we will be on site around 7:30am for set up.  Registration opens at 08:00am and closes at 09:00am.  You need to be in-line by 09:00am.  Drivers meeting around 09:30 and hopefully first car off at 10:00.  Now some info.

No open toed shoes for workers on course. 

Your competing is an all day commitment..  We are off site by 5:00 at the latest.

Youth under 16 need to have a parent waiver.  We can do a waiver for the whole season if both parents are present. 

Helmets with a Snell SA 2000 rating are the oldest rated helmets allowed.  Check >SOLO for your car's classification.  There have been a few changes so don't assume you're still in the same class.

All cars must have a number.  We will have shoe polish and blue tape available.

Have your SCCA member number and or card available.  We are not checking memberships this week but please make sure you are current.

Event Fee: Non-members $40.00 / Members $25.00.

Please see below if you'd like to pre-register for the season. 

See you Sunday!

Pre-registration for the 2015 season

May 13, 2015  

Once again this year you can pre-register for the season by filling out this form on-line. Remember that information is not kept from year to year, so you must register for the 2015 season either on-line or at your first event. This will give us the information we need to put you in the system for this season. Please make sure you fill out the car class and number on the form.  Once you have submitted this form on-line, you should receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours.  Please re-register if you don't receive a confirmation.

If you register for the season on-line, you can print our short registration form, fill it out and bring it with you to register for the event.  If you would prefer not to enter your information on-line, you can print the long registration form, fill it out, and bring it with you.  This will save time at the registration tent and get us started a little faster.    

IMSA Race at the Glen

May 5, 2015  

I have been talking with Rob at the Glen and he wanted me to pass on to everyone the following two opportunites.  These are for the June 6hr IMSA race.  I have attended for the past 15 years and would be happy to assist if you have never gone.  For those who have attended, here is an opportunity to park inside the track and save a little money.  Remember that to park inside of the track you will need to take advantage of these offers or the Corvette Corral, otherwise inside the track parking is $50.00. 

Please contact me with any questions. 

Continental Corral Flier

The Glen Corral Flier

Info for the 24th event coming soon!


Bearcat Motorsports

May 3, 2015  

 Hi all;

Wanted to take a minute to recognize the members of the Bearcat Motorsports SAE Formula team.  If you haven't seen their creation, check out one the the links below.  Michelle and her teammates completed their car and made it to New Hampshire Motor speedway for the 2015 SAE Formula Hybrid Competition. 

The team took 5th place in the Electric Division.  This was the first time the car was on the track!  Please take minute to congratulate the team.  As a reminder, SAE members only pay the $10.00 insurance fee when running one of our events. 

Remember our first event is at SUNY Binghamton Sunday May 24th.  More to come soon. 


OOR Events

April 17, 2015  

 We are adding the following Glen Region events as our Out Of Region Events.  The points earned at these events will count towards our region's championship. 

   July 11th at Elmira College Domes

    September 12th at Watkins Glen International North Paddock (tentative)

    Oct 4th at Watkins Glen International North Paddock


Schedule update

March 24, 2015  

 Although the weather is not exactly looking like SOLO weather, here is a quick update.

As of now, we are signing the contracts with SUNY for May 24, June 7 and August 8th and 9th.  We are also set for September 27th at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.  July is open but maybe something will come up.  I'm also in touch with the Glen Region about OOR events between the two regions. 

Saturday April 18th and Sunday the 19th is the Glen's Opening Day.  We have gone up for the last couple of years.  If you're not aware, Opening Day at the Glen allows clubs and groups to take laps around the Glen as a group.  Although paced, they can be fun and exciting.  I will be out of town that weekend so if someone would like to head up our annual trek to the Glen let me know.

Lastly, I would like to have a meeting/trailer cleaning and sorting at my house sometime in late April or early May.  Stay tuned here for more information. 


STCC Contributions

March 24, 2015  

   Thanks to everyone that participated in the STCC events in 2014 to help us be able to raise money to make these contributions:

        New York State Veterans Home (see article)
        Maine Federated Church memorial Fund in memory of Bob Villiem
        Humane Society
        Toys for Tots
Maine Federated Church 
Tioga Rural Ministries       

   Richard Lapcevich
   STCC Autocross Coordinator.

Please RSVP

Feb 10, 2015  

Itís almost time and we need your help.  Our year end party is Friday February 20th.  Thank you to those of you who have already responded. Unfortunately we have not heard from several of you.  At this point we are close to having to make a decision of whether or not we hold the party.   Please let us know if you are attending.  There were 17 class winners this year.  I hope that all of you are able to make it.  Weíll have your award at the party  as well as a few small door prizes.  So let us know if you can make it.   Thanks


Please RSVP

Jan 29, 2015  

We will hold our party Friday February 20th in Endicott at DeGennaro's catering.  I've heard from a few of you but need to ask for replies so we can prepare.  Please respond to my( or Brian's ( e-mail or to the SNYR web host.  Likewise I'll drop it onto facebook.  Remember, this is not just for our members but for anyone who ran an event with us.  Of course guests and families are invited.  We will give out our awards as well as a few door prizes.

The annual Speedworld Show is scheduled for February 27 to March 1st at the Oakdale Mall.  As always we will be looking for help to stand at the table.  Steve Spano of the Glen Region is going to try and bring one of his cars to the mall for us.  Let's get as many of us as possible to spread the word about SOLO.  Even if you can only spare an hour we would love to have you.

Lastly!  We are looking at purchasing a new timing system.  The wireless system will give us more flexibility in course design.  More info to come.

See you Friday the 20th.

Party Time!

Jan 1, 2015  

After a few busy months for all, it's time to slow down and look back at 2014.  We have a date for the year end party.  Friday, February 20th we'll be gathering at DeGennaro's in Endicott.  Dinner's at 7:00.  As always, this is on the region so come out and enjoy.  We welcome all, even if you only ran a race or two with us.  We'll have the class winner awards as well as a few door prizes.  It will also be a time to talk a little about the 2015 season.  Please plan on attending, especially if you're a class winner.

Don't forget, the annual Speedworld Show at the Oakdale Mall will be coming up soon.  We do not have the date yet but it is usually the first or second weekend in March.

Lastly, this weekend is the 24hours of Daytona.  Check the website for TV coverage.  It is a great race for sportscar fans.   

More to come, keep a watch here as we prepare for 2015.

Season Results

Nov 6 , 2014  

Welcome to the Off- Season.  The season ended and I wanted to get out the final points to all.  We had a total of 15 class winners.  To qualify for a class championship a competitor needed to make at least 4 of our events (OOR and In-region).  A total of six events were counted toward the final points standings.  Here is a quick listing of winners.

B Street                        Peter L.
E Street                        Brian B.
F Street                        Glenn W.
F Street Ladies             Michelle D.
G Street                       Russ S.
G Street Ladies            Holly S.
H Street                       Daniel L.
B Street Prepared        Jason L.
E Street Prepared        Russell S.
F Street ďRĒ                 Mark M.
Street Touring ďSĒ        Curtis S.
Street Touring ďRĒ        Rob P.
Street Touring ďXĒ        Evan T.
Street Modified            John M.
Super Street Modified   Pat B.

Congratulations to all of our class champions.  The party will be in February so plan on attending.  Thank You to all for a great season.

If you did not see it, the press had a nice write-up on Michelle Digiacomo and her efforts to start a Formula SAE team.  Check out the story here

If you can help Michelle in any way Iím sure sheíd love to hear from you.  Drop Brian or I a line and weíll make sure to get it to Michelle. 

Ice Racing is up next, Weather permitting.  See you all soon.

Event ReCap and Events to Come..

Oct 4 , 2014  

Greetings to all of our members and friends.  Last Sunday saw 40 drivers take time at the Shops of Ithaca Mall.  Nine runs and off-site by 3:30 made for a great event.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of sun and plenty of action.  There were several close class battles but the closest battle of the day came down to FTD.  Rob P.  pulled out a last minute FTD run in his MX5 beating out Doug B's 325i.  Rob ran a 37.136 to Doug's 37.173.  Collin R, Peter L, John M and Dave R all came close with 37 second runs. 

Thank You to all came out for a safe and fun day as well as a great season.  There is still one more chance for points as the Glen will be hosting a OOR event for us at Watkins Glen on Sunday the 5th.  There are restrictions as to entering the track so please check the Glen's site before you go.

BIG BLOCK MODIFIED RACING!  A few of us will be going to the Syracuse Super Dirt Week race on Oct 11th and 12th.  This is a fantastic race weekend.  Although my schedule is flexible I 'd love to invite anyone along.  Race details can be found here  -------> 

To see a video we shot in 2008 of the start check this out.  46 Big Block Modifieds make for an exciting 200 lap race.  Check it out here -------->

Let me know if your interested in coming along 1 or both days.  

See you at the races!  Darryl

Sunday's Event

Sept 22 , 2014  

This weekend!  SOLO at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.   This Sunday will be our last in-region event at the Shop at Ithaca Mall.  We'll be behind target.  Remember that the road on the Target side will be closed so when you enter the mall go to the left side (By Dicks) to get around to the back lots.  As always registration closes at 09:00 with a small fee for late registrants.  The weather looks beautiful and this is an out of region event for the Glen region so arrive early as we may have a large turn-out. 

Now for a few specials details surrounding this event.  In the past the mall has received complaints of parking issues.  We really want to work with the mall so there will be a few new policies. 

 -  Trailers:  If you tow, you will need to unload your car and equipment in the pits.  The truck and trailer will need to be pulled over to the lot below Sears.  We just don't have the room for all of the trucks and trailers.

 -  Pits:  Please make every effort to take only one parking space.  We will have some room in the aisle so you can place your items and equipment in the parking space and let your car extend slightly into the aisle.  Park with your friends and share tents and space.

 -  Handicap Spots:  Even though there are a few handicap spots in our pit area, we must keep them open.  No one is to park in these spots.

Thanks in advance for your help with this, we just cannot afford to loose another site.  As always... contact Brian or I with questions.


Event ReCap and Upcoming Events

Aug 28, 2014  


It was a great two day Vette/SCCA weekend at SUNY B.  We had a total of 80 entrants over the two days.  30 of those participated in both days.  Thank You to all involved in making this a great, safe and competitive weekend. 

Saturdayís top honors went to John M who pulled out the FTD on his last Run.  Johnís EVO beat out Jasonís M3 by .355 seconds with Pat Bís Vette another .29 back.  PAX on Saturday went to Rob P in the MX-5.  Sunday saw PA member Mark E take FTD honors in his Z06.  Jason was close behind for FTD and John M was also in the running.  Pax on Sunday also went to Mark making it a top honors Sunday sweep.  As for the two day awards it was extremely close.  John M beat out last yearís winner Jason by a mere 0.004 seconds.  After two days and 16 runs they were separated by the smallest of margins.  Third place two day honors went to Pat B.  The two day PAX honors went to Rop P with his 1st on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday.  Russ S came in second in the Ford Focus ST.

Friday the 5th of September is Vintage weekend at Watkins Glen.  All weekend nearly 400 cars will be racing at the track.  Everything from pre-war cars to wild Prototypes of the ALMS series make their way to the glen.  This is one of the largest vintage races in North America.  On Friday  the village of Watkins Glen host the Vintage festival.  Several of us find our way to the village for the Friday Festival.  If youíre interested in the track or the Friday Festival drop me a line.

Our next event is an Out of Region Points event at the Watkins Glen Media lot.  This event is hosted by the Glen Region and will be on September 14th.  For more details see their site at  Our next in region event will be at the Shops of Ithaca on the 28th of September.  Mark you calendarís now!

Two Day Event this Weekend

Aug 5 , 2014  

This weekend youíll have the chance to double your solo fun.  This Saturday and Sunday itís the Southern NY Region / Southern Tier Corvette Club Challenge at SUNY Binghamton Lot ďMĒ.  Different from last year, the Saturday event will be our SCCA event and Sunday's will be run by the Corvette Club.  Both days will have the SCCA classifications and rules.  There will be trophys for best two day times in all classes, and the overall FTD champion (compliments of the Corvette Club). 

As in years past, each day will be 25.00 for members of either club.  If you are not a member it is 40.00.  If you attend Saturday as a non SCCA or STCC club member and pay the 40.00 youíll receive a weekend membership meaning that Sunday will be only 25.00.  Registration closes both days at 09:00am so donít be late! 

Anyone wishing to help is more than welcome to be there by 08:00 for set-up and tech inspections.

See you this weekend

Cherry Valley this Sunday

July 10, 2014  

This Weekend it's the Southern Tier Corvette Club Cherry Valley Autocross.  If you've never been to Cherry Valley its a fast little go-kart track.  The Vette club runs the event so you don't have to work.  There s also slim chances of hitting cones as there are on a few on the course.  Come on out and fun.   There's usually a limited number of cars so we have a great day.  Lets show the Vette's what we can do.  Here is the flier with the details.

See you Sunday.

Event Re-Cap

June 16, 2014  

Another beautiful weekend greeted us as we held our test-n-tune on Saturday and Event #2 Sunday.  Saturday saw a lot of seat time for the two run groups.  Hopefully that helped some as Sunday saw 43 entrants sign in.  Unfortunately the lot was not as excited to see us, and by the afternoon a large sharp edged hole had appeared.  With no other options, the course was changed and the morning runs were all we got for points.  Unfortunately run group 1 got their afternoon runs in before the change.  Run groups 2 and 3 had an altered course that was faster.  Basically an afternoon of fun runs.
John Mís EVO took FTD for the morning runs but Jason L. came close finishing a mere .5 seconds back for second overall.  ďHĒ street was the closest battle of the day with Daniel L. finishing .202 seconds ahead of Mike D.   PAX honors for the day went to Rob P.  All results, including the afternoonís fun runs, are posted.
Our next event will be the two day August event with the Corvette Club.  Donít forget the Vette club's autocross at Cherry Valley on July 13th.

DONíT FORGET!  The IMSA series is holding its 6hour race at the Glen the weekend on June 28/29.  This weekend will feature the Prototype Lites series, Porsche GT3 Challenge Series, Lamborghini Cup series, the Continental Challenge series and the Tudor series.  Iíll be going up all day Saturday and Sunday.  Check out IMSA.Com for more information.  Rob Roessel from the Glen has offered to get our tickets orders.  See the flier.  You can call Rob at:  (607) 535-2486 ext 351.  You can e-mail me with questions at  See you all at the races.

Last Event Re-cap and Next Events

June 1, 2014  

Just a quick re-cap from last week and info about this weekendís events.  41 entrants took times on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  Although the Subaru contingent was away at a wedding, we still had some very close class races.  There were 3 father son battles, with the Sr. Raymond and Sr. Seidel taking the wins for the dads.  Rob P in his 06 MX-5 was the class of the field with a 47.479.  Pat B with his 66 Vette came close with a 48.201 and with a 48.524 Dave R rounded out the top three Raw Time Scores.  The closest class battle also happened to be our largest class.  SSM saw 6 entries with Pat B and Dave R being separated by a mere .323 seconds.  PAX went to the G Street Ford Focus ST of Russ S. with a raw time of 49.093 equating to a PAX time of 39.569.
Next up is the Saturday Test-n-Tune and Sundayís event at SUNY B.  For Saturday we will be there at 08:00 and the first car off should be by 09:00.  The cost will be $15.00 for members of the SCCA and $25.00 for non-members.  For non-members who come on Saturday, your weekend membership entitles you to pay the members price of $25.00 for Sundayís event.
There will be two run groups.  The course will be the same course we had last weekend.  Weíll have two sessions per run group.  The length of the run sessions will be determined based on the number of cars we have.  Weíll also have members available to ride along and instruct.  Sunday will be a normal event with a new course.  Question?  Drop Brian or I a note.


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